Arrosticini …Yes I’m Talking Lamb Barbecue !


  Arrosticini or Lamb skewers are one of the tastiest things you can imagine, all originating in Abruzzo, Italy. What this delicacy derives from is usually the leg of lamb or shoulder meat. Some slang terms in Italian are spidducc’ or spierini.

  This food was eaten in the mountainous areas of Italy by the inhabitants and shepherds of the region. And of course it was accompanied by a nice glass of wine, over in Italy it is usually a Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo or another native wine.

   The meat itself was and still is to this day, cut in small pieces, usually around 1/2 inch in size. Then it is placed on skewers and cooked on a specially made grill, as depicted in the picture above.

    A simple way to prepare it is just simply adding salt and pepper about a half hour before cooking.

     If you want a little more flavor, add a small amount of wine the nite before, and a few sprinkles of Oregeno and let it marinate. You can also grind a little coarse salt over the spidducc’ after grilling.

     Are you hungry yet?

     So, what am I getting at? Our famous LAMB BARBECUE, which is being held SUNDAY AUGUST 28TH , from 1 to 8…

     More info is coming shortly as to ticket price and complete menu, BUT YOU MUST MARK THIS DAY OFF IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

       This will be our best one ever…trust me. It will sell out….Music, food, drink , and of course a little Bocce!

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