Bocce and Spring…Almost Here?

Spring Bocce Sign ups are Here!

Amidst this wintery weather we are about to have, I can only look forward to those comfortably cool Spring evening and warm Summer nites playing Bocce down at the club.

Day by day we are a bit closer to our League opener, and that means we need to start our sign up process for the year.

As all of our past participants know, once you play, it’s quite the addictive, fun, sport.

Men and women alike are equally capable as has been proven by the success of our participants.

And with the contagiousness of this league spreading, so do the complexities of running a growing League.

We think we’ve found a recipe to make things easier on couples and individuals for planning their busy schedules.

What we will be doing is having multiple divisions, where all Teams play on the same nites every week.

We will begin by offering Tuesday and Wednesday nites. Game times will be different, but your day will be locked in. Once we fill these two days, we will also offer Thursdays to accomodate more teams.

Signups will be located at the Italian Club, 20 North Street, Southbridge. We are open every Wednesday nite for our Pitch league from 6 -10pm, so stop in. Also, you can Email me with the day you are available to play, whether you are a Team, or individual looking to be placed on a Team. Email is

The League will include an end of Season Playoff as well as Party.

Cost this Year will be $25 dollars per person for Members,  with a minimum of 4 players per team. This is the same cost as last year.

Remember, this is first come, first serve, and the reason being that our league is growing very rapidly as word gets out. We are also beginning to publicize this on our local tv channel as well as the tri-community papers since we have players from Sturbridge, Charlton, Brimfield, Dudley, and are expanding our reach.

Stay tuned here for more information to follow….



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