Bocce Captains and Team Meetings Tomorrow

5/3/17—- 6:30 PM

Hello everyone, tomorrow at 6:30 pm we will be getting together for the kickoff meeting for our Spring-Summer Bocce League.

This get together will include food for all participants as we go over rules, give out Team schedules, and offer lessons to those just getting started out.

We will also be collecting Player fees, and Membership fees since this League is for club Members only. With that being said…… not panic… membership to our Club is open to the Public, as well as non Italians, and women also! The reason I mention this is that there was a day when this membership was a Mens only deal. Our Board feels this new vision for Membership has contributed greatly to all our successes.

Our costs are below average for League play and Membership price combined!

See you at the Meeting, Ciao!

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