Bocce Party – Major Date Change –


    Saturday October 22nd Bocce Bash Switched to Sunday, October 23d…

Due to an Event being booked at the Club, we had to change our Schedule around. We will still be having a Party with Chef David helping us out once again.

The Party will begin at approx 12:30 pm on Sunday with food being served.

Games will still be played at the same times listed on the Schedules which were passed out, and are still available at the Club.

  Very Important!

There will be a second sitting for food later in the day! Yup, this should coincide with the Patriots Game starting in the vicinity of 4 to 5 o’clock, and could turn this event into a tailgate party at the Club!..


This party is available to all Members and not just Bocce players and Teams.

All we ask is that you inform us that you will be coming down that day so we can prepare the proper amount of food ….. Ciao!



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