Bocce Playoff Time !

The Season is Ending on a Great Note.. Read on for your Playoff Schedule

Wow , what a Season we’ve had at the Club! Great food, great games, lots of fun and laughs shared with friends new and old.

Of course we have also had our growing pains with scheduling, weather, etc, however, this is a necessary progression in fine tuning our current League .

In order to have a playoff, I found it only fair that we allow all Teams the ability to participate if they choose to. you are not being forced to play. If you do not want to play any further, you may concede your bracket, and just join us to watch the fun!

By weighing in wins and losses I was able to seed all Teams according to strength, ie.., the win-loss trends deep into the Season.

Here are some rules to follow: 1. No show is an automatic Forfeit

2. The only makeups are for weather related delays. This is the only time Games are to be rescheduled.

3. In the event there is not a referee, Captains make the call on measurements.

4. Remember, this is a fun, Recreational League! It was established with the sole purpose of funding the Italian Club and perpetuating our existence. Please bear with any nuances that may come up and act in an adult fashion.

5. And finally, this is a single elimination Tournament where anyone can win, best of Luck to all the participants

So, here it is…

Playoffs / Tuesday / 8/8/17

5:45 pm:   Team Suprenant vs Team Brodeur

6:30 pm:   Team  Eli Ciprari vs the winner of 5:45 game

7:15 pm:   Team Garieri vs Team Polizoti

8:00 pm:   Team  Sinni vs Team Dadalt

8:45 pm;   Team O’Brien vs Team Amadio

Playoffs / Wednesday / 8/9/17

5:45 pm;   Team: Santilli vs Team Latini

6:30 pm:   Team LeDonne vs Team Jim Ciprari

7:15 pm:   Team Postale vs Team Coderre

8:00 pm:   Team Placella advances on a forfeit by Team Gentry

Team Placella will now play on Thursday vs the winner of Postale Coderre at 8:45

Remainder of Schedule is listed at the Club for the winners as they advance. Best of Luck to all !


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