Bocce Results and this Weeks Games! 6/22/2016

Another astounding nite of Bocce last Wednesday.

Winners for the nite of Team play were Team Chip Ciprari, Team Freddie Tiberi, Team Linda Garieri, and Team Scott Garieri.

Spotted at the Italian Club that evening were approximately 45 Members and friends enjoying a great time, and as usual, Chef David Fantaroni had some food prepared for all.

Play resumes this Wednesday with the following matches:

6:00 pm—- Team Ashley Caprera vs Team Lynda Garieri

6:45 pm—- Team Scott Garieri vs Team Tony Santilli

7:30 pm—- Team Kyle Obrien vs Team Paolo Sinni

8:15 pm—- Team Chip Ciprari vs Team Fred Tiberi

       Thank you all for your continued participation, and Enjoy!

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