Bocce Resumes Tonite..Schedules are Here!

Please take a look:

Games to be resumed:

Postale vs Santilli with Santilli leading 5-4… you were assigned a time last week by Chip , Postale has palino and shoots first.

Garieri vs Bonadies with Garieri leading 8-4…you were assigned a time last week by Chip , Garieri shoots first

First Game Scheduled at 6pm…  could be minor delays in start times due to last weeks makeups!

Winners Bracket:

Ciprari vs Polizoti—- 6pm—-court 2


Winner plays the winner of resumed game, Postale vs Santilli, court 1 at 6:45 or completion time of appropriate games.


Losers Bracket:

Winner of Garieri vs Bonadies resumed game is scheduled to play Team LeDonne on court 1 at 6pm

Winner of LeDonne vs ? will play Team Brodeur at 6:45pm on court 2

Team Grubert  is scheduled to play Team Cooke at 7:30 on court 2

Winner of Grubert vs Cooke will play the Winner of the Team Brodeur matchup at 8:15 pm on court 1

Please be patient tonight, games will be running later than

scheduled due to the games being resumed from last week.



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