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Before checking for your Team, Please note the following

A]  Bocce Meeting for ALL on Wednesday , May3d, 6:30 pm, Italian Club. Food will be served, Schedules handed out, along with a rules and scoring packet. Captains are urged to attend. We will also give lessons to any beginners as well as informal play allowed on the court.

B]  Teams are comprised of 4 people per Team. You may add extra players to be substitutes.

C]  All players are to pay $25 per player for League Dues, substitutes are $25 to play also.

D}  You now must be a Member to play. We feel this is reasonable due to the low cost of our League in comparison to anything else like this out there. This money also includes food costs. EVEN with a Membership fee, we are at or under the cost of almost all leagues.

         Your ITAM CLUB Bocce Teams

Team 1.   Captain   Paolo Sinni, Evelynn Sinni, Paul Quigley, Dawn Quigley.

Team 2.   Captain   Mark Amadio, Lynda Amadio, Ron Cooper, Elaine Cooper.

Team 3.   Captain   Tony Postale, Amy Postale, Tom Langmeyer, Reena Langmeyer, Dave Adams

Team 4.   Captain   Tony Santilli, Sheila Jalbert, Rob Caprera, Ashley Caprera

Team 5.   Captain   Leo Polizoti, Kathy Polizoti, Anne Pietrobazo, Tony Pietrobazo

Team 6.   Captain   Norm Brodeur, Janet Blanco, Gary Fontaine, Maria Fontaine

Team 7.   Captain   Scott Garieri, Lynda Garieri, Paul Digregorio, Aggie Digregorio

Team 8.   Captain   Vic Coderre, Nancy Coderre, Conrad Letourneau, Paula Letourneau

Team 9.   Captain   Roland Servant, Karen Brousseau, Jim Grubert, Joanne Grubert

Team 10. Captain   Mike Placella, Laurie Placella, Chris Rovezzi, Tracy Rovezzi

Team 11. Captain   Jim Ciprari, Sharon Ciesla, Marc Girouard, Lynn Girouard

Team 12. Captain   Eli Ciprari, Judy Flannery. Gina Ciprari, Kelly Ciprari

Team 13. Captain   Pat Ledonne, Tina Ledonne, Debra Sibley, Anna Falzone, Ashley Parent

Team 14. Captain   Nick Dadalt, Jim Dadalt, Neil Cooper, Erin Oliver

Team 15. Captain   Kyle Obrien, Bill Tiberi, Jake Lazo, Pat Morabito

Team 16. Captain   Garret Gentry, Dino Tarquinio, Al Lanni, Domenic Mercurio

Team 17. Captain   Al Latini, Bob Lynch, Rich Pollone, Penney Cote

Team 18. Captain   John Abate, Pam Abate, TBD, TBD

Sal Ledonne will be playing as a sub, and will be refereeing when available.

Anyone else! Get in touch with us asap!


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