Fall Bocce Changes! Important- Please Read

Due to many requests….

Hello everyone….Ok, We have had to make some changes to accommodate as many people as possible. A few Schedule as well as Team Name and player changes had to be made.

Please have patience, as this is not a simple task, there may be more as the Season begins due to peoples work schedules..etc..etc.. which is very understandable.

So here are the current changes..

  Team Cote is now changed to Team Cooper..The Cote’s were unable to participate, so Team Cooper will consist of Ron and Elaine Cooper with Leo Polizotti and Al Latini

Team Dadalt is now changed to the following Team Members: Nick and Jim Dadalt with Mark and Linda Amadio.

An additional player has been added to Team Sinni in Vic Coderre. Paolo assures me it’s strictly for increased revenue for the Club, and he’s not a ringer….

This will only affect this Thursdays games for the changes made. Wednesdays games are as scheduled……so far

Here are the Schedule Changes / Thursday 9/22/2016

6:30 pm- Team Cooper [ formerly Team Cote] vs Team Ciprari

7:15 pm- Team Pollone vs Team Dadalt [ now with Team members Nick and Jim Dadalt as well as Mark and Linda Amadio

Thanks for your patience, and a friendly reminder:

Please turn in your $10.00 individual entrance fees on the day of your first games

*****Season schedules are in the process of being made*****

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