Fall Bocce Starts Tonite, 9/5/18

Looking for Bocce Volunteers

Another fun season of bocce quickly approaches, and I want everyone to know that enrollment is just as strong as our Spring-Summer League.

With the growth of our League we also have many more moving parts and I am looking for people that may have a little extra time on a Wednesday and/or Thursday, to assist.

Right now I am looking for 2 people to coordinate food for those two nights. One person for Wednesdays, one for Thursdays.

Their responsibilities would be to insure that  a particular nite was covered throughout the Season, by either scheduling (asking) someone to cook or bring food. They could ask individual Teams, and also would email or text our Board Members. In the event no one is able, they would order pizza or a takeout, and the Club, in that instance would provide the funds.

Thanks, and here are this week’s Schedules again:

Wednesday Games   9/5/18

Teams (1.Provost) (2.Cooke) (3.Bonadies) (4.DiGregorio) (5.LeDonne) (6.Polizoti) (7.Placella) (8.Postale) (9.Pollone) (10.Brodeur) (11.Dadalt) (12.O’Malley)

Court 1-   (6:30pm   6 vs 9)———(7:15pm   3 vs 12)———-(8:00pm  4 vs 11)


Court 2-   (6:30pm   5 vs 10)——–(7:15pm   2 vs 1)———–(8:00pm  7 vs  8)


Thursday Games        9/6/18

Teams (1.Amadio) (2.Niemiro) (3.Latini) (4.Ciprari) (5.Sinni) (6.Coderre) (7.Pietroburgo) (8.Monaco)

Court 1-   (6:30pm  5 vs 6)———-(7:15pm    3 vs 8 )————

Court 2-   (6:30pm  4 vs 7)———-(7:15pm    2 vs 1)————-





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