Great First Nite for our Pitch Players!

   It’s Not Too Late To Join!

Tony Postale did a great job getting our Card Nite started up, and close to 20 people enjoyed David Fantaroni’s “pre game meal” of Lasagna.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Club and we hope to grow this group with time. It’s certainly a great way to break up the week, and a lot of fun to go along with it.

Anyone interested in joining, swing by next Wednesday nite around 6:30pm for some chow, then games will begin around 7 pm.

You do not have to be a member, and we welcome people just learning, or starting out.

So come on down to the Club next Wednesday!

P.s…….if you don’t like pitch, swing by tonite to play some Cribbage….we are trying to organize tonite for those interested. This will begin around 7 pm also.

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