Help Wanted / Please Raise your hands!

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Hi Everyone. With the Summer Months here , we are looking for a little extra help from our Membership.

Several of our Members have been putting in a lot of their personal time in making this Club such a success within a short amount of time.

They have been tireless in their efforts, and in the spirit of Friendship and Membership, can you donate just a little bit of your time to help out?

We are looking for a few extra people whom have been Tip certified to cover a day here and there Bartending.

This would allow those Members whom have been working every week to take some much needed Vacation time with their families.

Please contact any of our Board Members if you can lend a hand , even if it’s just one day. Bar hours are only 6 to 10, and we have some short weekend gigs to cover.

Thx for your Support! Please notify us ASAP so we can schedule things.


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