I Want To Welcome Back all Returning and New Member Renewals..

Along with those soon to renew!

Hello Italian Club Members, I want to thank all of those people that have renewed their Memberships, and for those that haven’t quite yet found the time.

Whether or not you were able to participate in anything this past year at The Italian American Club in Southbridge, We appreciate your support! This comes from every Board of Director here.

We understand that few have the time to Volunteer for a lot of things, if any, but that’s ok! The reasoning behind that is the fact that though you may not have had time in the past, or even present,  you donated 50, 75, or 100 dollars for a Membership, and that donation was in the Spirit of keeping The Italian Club alive and thriving. For that we humbly Thank You.

You care about keeping one of the longest lasting social groups in the Town of Southbridge a robust hub for family and friends to congregate.

We are currently amidst our Membership Renewal time. We would love to have you back! If not to help, but just to support us as a Membership Donation, it’s all good!

Thanks to every one of you, those that have been able to drop by, and those that haven’t, your contribution has made a huge difference this year.

We have been upgrading and repairing the Club with all the monies that have come in.  Stop by sometime and check out all the work being done.

Once again, Thanks, and please check your emails for renewals. Call us as soon as you can so we can continue on with the great work being done here.

Ciao, and We look forward to your continued generosity .

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