It’s Fall Bocce Playoff Time This Week!

      -Urgent Update !-

Playoffs Begin Tuesday Wednesday

Hello everyone, and yes, we are down to our final week of Fall bocce. The Teams are so evenly matched, and the standings so close, we have a couple more days than anticipated.

We would also like everyone to show up for the Bocce final on Friday so we can have an end of Season celebration Party.

What we would like to do is have a pot-luck buffet on Friday, so we are asking whomever can contribute, to bring in some food of choice to share with all. The last time we did this , we had one of the best buffets I’ve ever seen. It was incredible! Please let Eli Ciprari, or myself, know if you are able to cook and bring something. It would be greatly appreciated.

Game Schedule will be 6, 6:45. and 7:30 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, with the Championship being played Friday at 7:00…..come for 6:30 to begin the Party!

Tuesday’s Games-   CANCELLED

Tuesdays games have been cancelled due to Team Amadio dropping out. This makes the other 3 Teams from the Thursday Division, automatically entered into Thursdays Playoff round.

Wednesday’s games

6:00 pm- Chew Bocce vs Brodeyr

6:45 pm- O’Malley vs Le Donne

7:30 pm- Winners of 6 pm and 6:45 pm games


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