Lamb Barbecue Tickets Are Here


Yes, our most anticipated,and largest event of the Year is back !

Our Italian Picnic, or Lamb Barbecue will be taking place Sunday, August 28th, from 1 to 8, at the Southbridge Italian Club on North Street.

Tickets are available at the Italian Club during posted Club hours, Tues thru Thursday, 6 – 8 pm. Also they can be bought through any Board Member at this time. Additional locations will be updated here soon.

Donations will be $25 dollars per Ticket this year. Kids under 10 accompanied by adults, will be free.

Our ” That’s All You Can Eat ” buffet will include Lamb, Pasta, Bread, Salad, and Sausage

Come join us for Food, Music, Raffles, and Fun!

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