Last Call For Italian Cooking Classes!

We Need Your Input Tonite !

Hi everyone, hoping all had seen the previous post on our upcoming cooking lessons.

Unfortunately, our signup numbers are low at this time. If you would like to participate in this wonderful program , please text us at 774-230-1783, or email us at

Please do so this evening, or as soon as you read this article so we do not have to cancel.

Here is a reprint of the article:

If you enjoy eating Italian Food, we here at the Club figure there may be enough interest for Italian Cooking Lessons here.

We are fortunate enough to have a very qualified instructor, Lena D’Annunzio, able to give us some lessons.

Now, just for everyone to know upfront, this is first come , first serve.

We are only able to accommodate approximately 8 students at a time due to the amount of people we will have in the kitchen.

Please email Paolo Sinni at for more details, or simply contact any Board Member.



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