Members, It’s Italian Picnic Time !

This is Jim Ciprari’s Grandchild. Best picture ever!

All Members Need To Pick Up Tickets

Hello everyone, Its that time of year, and our biggest fundraiser is nearing.

Our annual Picnic is scheduled for August 27th, and is projected to be our biggest ever. This cannot happen without all our members participating in the sale of our 1 book of lottery raffle tickets as well as picnic tickets.

Please stop by the club or call a Board Member for your tickets. This is an easy sell, and a requirement for all Members this year.

Sales of these tickets help offset the rising costs of lamb and Club expenses as we try to maintain the same level of excellence that we are known for. In order to maintain our margins, we need your help. Our picnic prices remain the same, yet our costs have risen substantially to put out the same great product we always have.

The profits and success of this Event is more important than ever this year because of more major renovations that are needed.

We’ve recently found out that our Club’s roof is in need of a total replacement. Costs for a new roof will run in excess of $20,000.00 !

Certainly, no matter how well we do at this Picnic, we will need to raise more funds to get us through the year.

That’s where you, the Member, comes in. By helping out with the sale of raffle tickets, and by purchasing and selling picnic tickets, we have a great chance to raise at least half the amount needed.

Enough said. Stop by as soon as possible, grab your tickets, sign our volunteer sheets to help out for an hour on picnic day, and keep our Italian Heritage and Traditions alive in our Town.


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