Memorialize Your Family Or A Loved One At The Italian Club!

Almost Sold Out ! Chair Memorials

Admist trying to upgrade your Italian Club, your board Members are looking outside the box to defray our costs, while keeping Membership fees low, and we think we’ve come up with something special.

We will be renovating our bar area win just a few weeks, and we want to share it with all our Members. We opened it up one night only, and already sold 11 Memorial Chairs.

If you are interested in having a chair dedicated to a loved one, we are inviting you to purchase a placarded chair for $200.

If a chair isn’t your thing, and you are of Italian decent, we are offering painted murals of your name and Family Crest on our exterior wall in the parking lot. These murals look outstanding, and you will be proud to see your Family Crest displayed every time you pull into the Club.

These murals are priced at $350, and are well on their way to being sold out!

Please take advantage of these two options to commemorate your family or loved on while helping us update your Club.

And remember, you can contact any Board Member or call us for more info.



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