Monaco Wins Bocce Championship !

Champs! Pictured are Sal LeDonne, Lorenzo Monaco..Team Members were: Marcus Gaudet, Myles Gaudet, Cale McSweeny, and Ryan Diggle..not all present for photo.

Team Monaco Overcomes Early Deficit

A great final Bocce match was observed by all those attending this past week.

After falling behind to a very hot Team Santilli, Team Monaco was able to inch back slowly and take the lead for good in the final 2 frames of the match.

Early on, Team Santilli was racking up the points getting ahead by as much as five points. In a match such as this, a margin hard to overtake.  Especially versus a team that hadn’t lost a playoff game.

Suddenly the score was tied at 11 and the crowd was loving it. Team Monaco then was able to creep ahead in those final two frames and won on a 3 point roll in the final frame. The game was everything one could expect from two very good Teams.

Thanks to all for a great Season.


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