Pitch Nite is on..Wednesday 1/18/17

Good News and some not so good..

Hello everyone, we had a great evening last Wednesday nite hosted by our good friends Tony and Amy Postale.

We are on again this week, and looking for anyone that may want to join in the fun. Please invite any friends or acquaintances along, and remember…you do not have to be a Member to play.

Not so good…. we had scheduled a nite for Cribbage, last Thursday, and unfortunately the turnout was bleak. With that, I am asking anyone that wants to play Cribbage, to join us on Wednesday nite also, find a partner and join in! It’s a fun nite out! You will have your choice of Cribbage or Pitch.

The good news is.. that if we can put together enough players between now and February, we can get a Cribbage league going then.

See you all on Wednesday!

p.s…I’m feeling a little psychic today, and I do believe there will be some great food served also… and,oh yes..it’s free. It’ll be tough to outdo last weeks homemade lasagna!


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