Saturday November 12th Porchetta Coming Fast!

Important Membership Information


Hello everyone, our Porchetta is nearing, and for those of you that haven’t been to one , i wanted to explain exactly what you are getting for your $30.00 ticket.{this includes the tip}

First of all this is not your typical ” spaghetti and meatball ” type feed that you see at your local Fundraiser. Also, I’m not talking badly about those events, for they are wonderful and have their place.

This is a whole different beast. It is a multi course dinner being served on china by a well known Caterer whom has catered many events to several of our professional Boston Athletic Teams, ie..Patriots, Red Sox, etc..

The Porchetta itself is outstanding, to say the least. They have perfected this delicacy with the combination of spices and herbs they use, and I guarantee, if you try it, you will be back again.

Do not be put off by the price, you will get more than you paid for. They serve it Family style, and continue serving till you can’t fit another bite. It’s an all you can eat type of event. They gladly bring more to your table if you ask.

Oh, and yes they serve you. This is not buffet style, except perhaps for the appetizers. This Company out of Milford Mass, which is like Little Italy, bring their own servers and like I said earlier, bring it directly to your table family style.

Along with the Porchetta, they serve appetizers, soup, salad, potatoes, and dessert.

If you can have more food out at a restaurant, at this price, including tip , in this day and age, of this quality, God bless you.

Come down and join in the fun.

   One last thing, as Members, I would hope that you could support us. Time is short right now, and we really could use the general memberships assistance in selling at least 1 or 2 tickets each.

You can get tickets at The Italian Club on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nites from around 6:30 to 9:00 pm. Also we have them on hand at Garieri Jewelers in Sturbridge.

We will need ticket sales to be turned in at the Club on 20 North Street, Southbridge on November 1st, 2nd or 3d…same Club hours as above.

Thanks again, and see you there.

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