Your Fall Bocce Schedule is Here!

Southbridge Italian Club Fall Bocce Starts 9/5/18 !

Ok, everyone, we will begin our Fall Bocce this coming Wednesday and Thursday as planned.

Should be lots of fun as usual, but we are making a few changes, so Captains, please read here, and pay special attention to the rule books being handed out next week with your Schedules.

Beginning this Fall Season, we would like the Captains to check measurements and call out the points. This will begin by having Captains assign an end Captain to the opposite side of their court. Now there will be 1 Captain at each end of the court (from each Team) to witness and call out who shoots as well as points.

Only Captains are to view the situation and determine who throws next. In the event of Captains being unable to determine a point, you can have a League Official step in to make a measurement or call.  There should not be a problem here, and many Leagues across the Country use this method without problems. This is a recreational, fun, league, and I am holding the Captains accountable to keep it that way.

Thank You for all your support in keeping this League going. It’s been a great experience for all, and we are looking forward to continued growth.

Bring your friends down for a great time this week….and there will be some great food as always!

 Wednesday Games   9/5/18

Teams (1.Provost) (2.Cooke) (3.Bonadies) (4.DiGregorio) (5.LeDonne) (6.Polizoti) (7.Placella) (8.Postale) (9.Pollone) (10.Brodeur) (11.Dadalt) (12.O’Malley)

Court 1-   (6:30pm   6 vs 9)———(7:15pm   3 vs 12)———-(8:00pm  4 vs 11)


Court 2-   (6:30pm   5 vs 10)——–(7:15pm   2 vs 1)———–(8:00pm  7 vs  8)


Thursday Games        9/6/18

Teams (1.Amadio) (2.Niemiro) (3.Latini) (4.Ciprari) (5.Sinni) (6.Coderre) (7.Pietroburgo) (8.Monaco)

Court 1-   (6:30pm  5 vs 6)———-(7:15pm    3 vs 8 )————

Court 2-   (6:30pm  4 vs 7)———-(7:15pm    2 vs 1)————-




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  1. you posted a rule about rulings on points when the Captains cannot make a decision–“a league official can step in and make the call”–this is really funny since there are no league officials present on Thursday nights! Thurs. night feels like the “forgotten” folks.

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